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Today I needed to be able to POST multipart/form-data to a form in order to submit for values as well as upload a file. All using HTTP POST.

The first step was finding out that there does not seem to be a native way to post both form parameter and upload a file together. WebClient.UploadValues allows for the parameter name/value pairs, but sets it’s encoding type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded which is incorrect for file uploads. The code for this would look something like this:

Dim data As New NameValueCollection();
data.Add("id", "10")
data.Add("param", "content")
data.Add("file", "A0BA")
Dim client As New WebClient
client.UploadValues("", null, data)

I found that WebClient.UploadFile does set content type to multipart/form-data, *BUT* there is no way to post parameters, and the request is not properly formatted. To clarify, it will work fine with a IIS webserver, but any other real webserver (Apache, Tomcat) would choke on the malformed output. Microsoft does not do standards too well if you have not noticed. Microsoft — if you are reading this, kindly go read RFC1867. The call would look like this

Dim client As New WebClient
client.UploadFile("", null, "c:\test.txt");

My main issue is not the incompatibility in this instance, but rather that I cannot post parameters and the file in the same post.

In order to solve this, I found a excellent class written by Gregory Prentice. I compiled the c# class and included a reference to it in my app. Then it was a simple matter of adding the reference Imports Helpers and adding this code:

Dim form As New MultipartForm("")
form.SetField("id", "10")
form.SetField("param", "content")

And booyah it works!

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