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After working pretty late last night I finally got all the pieces working for my wardriving setup. I posted about my original idea here, and this is the results of my labor. The premise of this is to avoid having to use a laptop to scan for AP’s.

Now on to the hardware setup…

  • Linksys NSLU2 – Reflashed to Openwrt/jffs. This unit has two USB ports; one is used for storage to a memory stick and the other is used for my BU-353 GPS reciever.
  •  Linksys WRT54GS – Reflashed to OpenWrt/jffs.

The WRT54GS  runs the kismet drone and a little script to enable the AP to continuously hop channels searching for AP traffic. All the data is passed to the kismet server on the NSLU2 for processing and/or display.

The NSLU2 is the central piece of the system. It runs the kismet server which receives data from the WRT drone, generates GPS positioning data for the APs, and logs it all to the memory stick.This allows me to easily retrieve the memory stick, read the logs in on a PC, analyze the TCP dumps, and feed the data into GPSDrive for AP waypoint mapping.

Now I just need to find my power invertor and my rig will be complete!

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