ESP2866 — WiFi for the Arduino

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This board is really freakin cool. It no only has a SoC chip that is essentially a UART to WiFi, it’s microprocessor is also programmable and has a PWM pin as well. On Arduino day, it was announced that the Arduino IDE now supports the ESP2866 making things a lot easier.


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WiFi MITM with Jasager

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Jasager is an implementation of Karma designed to run on OpenWrt on the Fon. It will probably run on most APs with Atheros wifi cards but it was designed with the Fon in mind as it is a nice small AP which gives it a lot of scope for use in penetration tests and other related fun.

Oh carp this is cool!

Skynet — back to life

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The other day, I decided to bring my old “Skynet” device back online. The master came right online, but the drone was having some problems. I worked it out, and it’s all working correctly now. w00t. Just waiting on my N-Female to RP-TNC connector and I will be read to rock with the Yagi.



Also, I noticed that Kismet-Newcore is out which has a lot of nice features. There is also a plugin available called “Lorcon” that allows kismet to inject and sniff 802.11 frames. Sweet! I will compile both on the rother when I get time…

XBee Hax

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DIY Spectrum Analyzer using the XBee. Pretty simple project if you have the XBee laying around which I do…

Wireless Mesh Network Rollout Complete

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I finished configuring the routers yesterday. I exported the config for future use. The multi-location setup is as follows:

-Three Physical Sites.
-Intra-site VPN links
-Site 1 — Three Wireless Base Stations (Each with 4 radios conected)
-Site 2 — Two Wireless Base Stations (Each with 4 radios conected)
-Site 3 — Two Wireless Base Stations (Each with 4 radios conected)
-WPA2 Enterprise Authentication

It works well… During a continuous pingtest as I walked through the facility, I found the latency will jump up from ~3ms to ~100ms for one ping packet (I assume as the wireless card transitions to the next radio). The only place any packets were dropped was by the front nurses station, and it was just one or two packets and it began transmitting again.

Very Cool!

New Project?

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Well the time has come and I have been looking for a new project. I think implementing WPA2 Enterprise complete with a RADIUS backend would be fun not to mention help secure the home network further (currently using WPA2/TKIP).

I’m not sure if I am going to ditch my Tomato firmware on the WRT54G v3 for openWRT or what. I need to see what kind of requirements the freeradius server has.

Some links Ive found so far:…
Using RADIUS for WLAN Authentication