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Well I finally got the VPN tunnel up for my iPhone.

First I tried IPSec, but it would not connect, and judging from the Firewall’s log output, I’m guessing the IPSec client only works with Cisco units.

Next, I tried L2TP, which I thought would work like a snap since the Sonicwall I’m using has a L2TP server built in. Unlucky for me, it turns out that Sonicwall’s built in L2TP server sucks and is only there for Windows clients.

Ffinally, I turned to PPTP. This was pretty easy to get working since my WLAN router has a PPTP server built in and just needed some quick configuration to get working. After that, I forwarded port 1723 (TCP-PPTP) to the LAN ip of the WLAN Router/PPTP Server.Now, I am able to connect my VPN tunnel, and transmit all data encrypted to my network, where it is then routed out to it’s final destination. Excellent!

I will do some packet captures later on to verify the traffic is truly passing thru my network.

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