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I just got a Globalsat BU-353 GPS Reciever in the mail. Pretty sweet so far, and the plan is to use kismet to create waypoints for gpsdrive to read in later to map out APs My brainstorm:

  • WRT54GS Running OpenWRT
    This will handle the scanning, sending its results via ethernet
  • Linksys USB NAS (has a ethernet port and 2 USB ports). Running OpenWRT
    This will handle writing the kismet data to a external HD as well as providing GPS data

I believe I should be able to attach a ext3 USB drive to the nas so it can write directly to the disk from the nas. Then, the wrt router running as a kismet drone sends the scan data back to the NAS and written to the external drive. The NAS would also be running GPSd with my Globalsat GPS attached. Both devices connect directly together via ethernet. The kismet drone will be configured to read the GPS data coming from the NAS on the GPSd port. As long as I can natively write to the attached USB drive on the NAS then I don’t see any thing that should be an issue pulling this off.

I was researching installing a USB port or a SD slot and came up with these interesting link that I will include just for the heck of it.

Whew I almost forgot how much cool stuff is in Sparkfun’s website.

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