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I have this eye imaging computer here that needs the drive upgraded. I have a 500gb one that will be replacing it. I will need to clone the old disk to the new one.

There are several ways to clone the disk. I ended up doing it twice because I hosed it up the first time.

One way is with dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb conv=noerror,sync
It also would of been a lot faster to set the block size so it completes faster.

I can watch the progress of the dd with: while killall -USR1 dd; do sleep 5; done

Pretty normal stuff… the conv= at the end tell it to not stop on errors (bad sectors) and to sync .

The other way is with a clonezilla live cd which is how I did it the second time around. It ran a lot faster than the simple dd, and booted into windows fine as well.

Next I booted into the recovery console and ran a chkdsk /r

After that I will boot my gparted live cd and resize the partition to fill the disk.

I will then boot again into the recovery console and run chkdsk /r

Sysprep best practices:
Windows 2000 recovery console info:
STOP 0x7b:
Extending NTFS Disks:…

Here it is laying on it’s side, complete with integrated power distribution unit and what looks to be n additional power supply (gold box).

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