Finished up another Supra…

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Pretty cool… the 2JZGTE Twin Turbos has been replaced with a larger ball bearing Single Turbo. A MapECU2 ECU has been installed to tune the vehicle along with the usual BPU upgrades…

Matt's Single Turbo Toyota Supra


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These were put with the rubber seals more or less in the same plane so you can get an idea of comparative height.

Source vehicles and part numbers from left to right:

90919-02227 ST215 Caldina 3SGTE

90919-02230 GXE10 Altezza AS200/Lexus IS200 1GFE vvt-i

90919-02239 ZZE120 Corolla 1ZZFE

90919-02240 NZE121 Corolla 2NZFE

90919-02236 SXE10 Altezza RS200 3SGE Beams dual vvt-i

If you have a standalone that can do sequential fire theese seem the way to go even over ls1 truck coils.


1JZ/2JZ 6 Channel Igniter

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Found some good info in the Toyota 6ch igniter:

The actual 1JZ/2JZ 6-channel igniter, which was also used on the 95 Avalon, it has 2 connectors instead of just 1 like the Camry igniter.

1JZ/2JZ/1MZ 6-channel igniter can be one of the following numbers: