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I was tasked with moving a client’s vmdk’s off our vSphere4 farm and off to their ESXi server.

Apparently after I had already moved the data to a ext3 formatted usb disk and shipped it off that they were running ESXi which means it won’t support USB disks. Anyway, the process is supposed to be like this:

Once the vmdk’s are copied over to the new server use vmkfstools to clone the vmdk:
[root@esx01 hercules]# vmkfstools -i Hercules.vmdk Hercules-new.vmdk
Destination disk format: VMFS thick
Cloning disk ‘Hercules.vmdk’…
Clone: 100% done.

Now create a new virtual machine in ESX, use Custom configuration. When you’re at the disk configuration window, select “use an existing virtual disk” and select the newly created vmdk file. Complete the wizard.

Check if all properties (network interface, …) are correct and boot up the machine.

I have a bunch of data/refrences on the subject:

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