IRSSI Twitch Config

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First step is creating the network.

# Command
/network add -nick twitchusername nameofnetwork
# Example
/network add -nick billpaxton Twitch

Second step we are going to add a server to that network. Generate oauth password here

# Command
/server add -auto -network nameofnetwork 6667 oauth:password
# Example
/server add -auto -network Twitch 6667 oauth:asgsdftgwe5tq45t134ra

In case you’re wondering, the above -auto tag is optional. What this means is when you connect to this network, it will automatically connect to this server.

Third step is where we add the channel to the network you created in the first step. And in case you’re wondering, the channel is just your Twitch username.

# Command
/channel add -auto #twitchusername nameofnetwork
# Example
/channel add -auto #billpaxton Twitch

Again, the -auto tag is optional.

And that does it. All you need to do now is connect to that network. Which is accomplished simply by the following:

# Command
/connect nameofnetwork
# Example
/connect Twitch

One thing that I would suggest you go ahead and do once you get that sorted out, is ignore the user jtv. It will ping you information that you simply don’t need or care about. Of course, feel free to leave it. But if you do want to ignore it, just type:

/ignore jtv

Saved from the void via Google’s cache. Woohoo