Troubleshooting OLE DB Connections

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I was encountering database connectivity issues via a application we are running. This was a new MSSQL database we had never connected to, so there were a lot of questions as to where the connectivity issue may lie.

  1. Installed SQL Server Management Studio, and made a connection tot he new database server from there. It was successful.
  2. Created a UDF file to test the OLE DB connectivity. This is extremely useful for troubleshooting. The basic procedure is to create a file with a .udf extension, open the UDF file (Windows will launch a editor), fill in the connection information, and test.
  3. Using this method we were able to determine that we needed to specify the database instance. Once that was in place, the connection worked flawlessly.

    There is a handy article from Microsoft that details the UDF file creation process:…