Microsoft Wildcard DNS Entries

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Here is some data I have accumulated on creating wildcard DNS entries in Microsoft DNS:


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  • Wildcard DNS and SSL setup:


Enter DNS entry in Windows Server 2003
Click Start, click Control Panel, click Administrative Tools,and then click DNS.
On the Action menu, click Connect to DNS Server.
In Connect to DNS Server, click The following computer.
Type the DNS computer name with the wildcard:*
Select the Connect to the specified computer now check box, andthen click OK.

Enter DNS entry in Windows 2000 Server
In the DNS administration tool, create a child domain"*" under
In the "*" domain, create an entry with an empty node name and IP address 65.54.319.336. You will getwarning that the node name is empty. You can ignore thiswarning.

Wildcard DNS via Command Line:

dnscmd servername /recordadd zonename * A IPAddress
dnscmd servername /recordadd zonename * CNAME IPAddress