Process Explorer 16 and VirusTotal integration

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I came across this today and had to share. The latest version of Process Explorer has native integration with VirusTotal This means you can have Process Explorer analyze the processes running and compare them with the VirusTotal database.

Process Explorer 16 w/ VirusTotal integration



  • Select options -> Check to initiate a scan of the processes. The VirusTotal column will populate with scores for the process.
  • Click a score to be taken to the detailed results on VirusTotal.

How It Works:

  • Creates a SHA256 hash of the file.
  • Submits to VirusTotal.
  • The hash of the process is then looked up in VirusTotal’s database, and the results are displayed in Process Explorer.

Enabling error reporting in cPanel

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Error reporting is disabled server wide. But for a development project, we need it turned on. Adding a php.ini file with the following directives will get the job done:

display_errors = off
log_errors = On
error_log = "error.log"

This will cause PHP to write out the error to a file in the same directory as the script called error.log. Adjust to your liking.

Another option, is to set the display_errors flag to true. This is not a recommended practice as it can expose sensitive information that should never be sent to clients. In a closed dev environment though it can be handy especially if you do not have a way to easily tail the log file.

Yii: Returning array data from a ActiveRecord object

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Two simple ways to convert a ActiveRecord object into a array:

  1. Using cHTML::ListDatause CHtml::listData (see… )
    $users = User::model()->findAll();
    $usersArr = CHtml::listData( $users, 'id' , 'city');
    print_r( $usersArr );

    It will give you array id => city

    Array {
        2 => 'Paris',
        102 => 'Riga',
        // ...
  2. Using array_map (used this method last time, array_map rocks):
    $words = Word::model()->findAll();
    $data=array_map(create_function('$m','return $m->getAttributes();'),$words);


Asynchronous Programming with Async and Await (C# and Visual Basic)

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Looks like async development got a whole lot easier in .Net 4.5:


Visual Studio 2012 introduces a simplified approach, async programming, that leverages asynchronous support in the .NET Framework 4.5 and the Windows Runtime. The compiler does the difficult work that the developer used to do, and your application retains a logical structure that resembles synchronous code. As a result, you get all the advantages of asynchronous programming with a fraction of the effort.

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