New motor build log… collecting parts.

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Received my rod bearings and pistons today, ready to go!
Received my rod bearings and pistons today, ready to go!

GSR transmission getting a ITR LSD installed.

84mm 9.5:1 CP Pistons

GSR block heading out to GOlden Eagle for sleeving.

Sandblasted valvecover. Ready for AN fittings and powdercoating.

I went thru my harness, cleaning it up, removing unused wired and heat shrinking it all.

Valve cover back from powdercoating, and the 2 -10 AN bungs attached.

Block is back from GE, 84mm bore.

My daughter likes it!

[Windows] Finding a string in a bunch of files, then processing each of those files

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I had a task where there were thousands of files in a folder. Some of them contained a specific string and needed to be processed.

A quick n dirty method is to use grep (or windows grep in this case to identify the files and generate a list of filenames in plaintext. Then using a quick batch for…loop to process the files from the command line… nice and simple.

for /F "tokens=*" %A in (results.txt) do [command] %A

Substitute [process] for your command. %A contains the filepath from grep. In my case I wanted to just delete the file so I just replaced [command] with del. Done!

TechNet Reference:…

Useful jQuery Plugin repo

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The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repository is a carefully selected roundup of some of the best jQuery Plugins ever released. Here we offer you the ability to browse through the plugins, or download a plugin that you fancy. Whether you’re building a huge Web-Application, or a simple site, we’ve got you covered. We also offer you the ability to hot-link directly to these plugin scripts through our CDN service, so your site loads much faster.