Converting Killowatt Hours to Amps

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Obviously this is a very broad calculation due to the fluctuation of electricity usage, but we used it to come up with a simple approximation of our DC’s power usage.


23,360 kWH / 30 days / 24 hours = 32.44 kW

32.44 kW x 1000 = 32440 Watts

32440 W / 0.9 (pf) = 36040 volt-amps (VA)

36040 VA / 240 V / 1.732 = 86.7 Amps

Removing MX records from a Microsoft DNS Server via script

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We recently switched our barracuda system from using two equally weighted MX records to using one MX record that points to two same-named A records. We are hoping that this will help better load balance the Barracuda cluster. I wrote a quick-n-dirty batch script to remove the second barracuda MX record from our DNS zones:

for /f %%h in (domains.txt) do dnscmd /RecordDelete %%h @ MX 10 /f

This script takes the input file domains.txt and processes each domain contained in the text file. The format is one domain per line…