Proxmox import ova ovf qcow2 disk into VM

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  • Create new VM
  • Note the VM ID
  • If you have a .ova or .ovf file, you simply need to do the following to extract the vmdk:
  • Import the disk into the vmid of the new vm

  • or

    Depending on the storage you have setup.
  • It’s also worth noting that at least on my particular homelab setup, running the qm importdisk command brought the server to it’s knees until the import completes.

PowerCLI – Get a VM’s Disks

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PowerCLI snippets to get a VM’s disks

This command will retrieve the specified VM’s attached disk paths:

But we can also focus on the filename:

We can also see the other columns available:

We could also do something like get the Disk paths for all guests: