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I have been researching datacenter management tools as of late that will allow us to track and manage our racks/ipspace/network connections etc.

  • – Netdot is an open source tool designed to help network administrators collect, organize and maintain network documentation.
  • – OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network. Each host can be tracked via a centralized AJAX enabled web interface that can help reduce tracking errors. A full CLI interface is available as well to use for scripting and bulk work. We hope to provide a useful Network Management application for managing your IP subnets and hosts. Stop using spreadsheets to manage your network! Start doing proper IP address management!
  • Rack – RackMonkey is a web-based tool for managing racks of equipment such as web servers, video encoders, routers and storage devices. Using a simple interface you can keep track of what’s where, which OS it runs, when it was purchased, who it belongs and what it’s used for. No more searching for spreadsheets or scribbled notes when you need to find a server: RackMonkey can quickly find any device and draw a rack diagram of its location. RackMonkey is free and open source (licensed under the GPL).

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