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I have successfully completed my custom firmware build and have cross compiled it. I now have bin files ready for flashing. Since I did not opt to select the LuCi web interface that is packaged with OpenWRT, I deemed it wise to research my other options for reflashing the firmware, since once I flash my custom image, there will be no web interface available to reflash again thru.

Two methods — TFTP and JTAG.
TFTP is the way to go as there is a tiny TFTP server built right into the devices boot loader. This means that I can recover from most hosed flashes. The other option is to populate the empty JTAG pins on the board with a header and go at it that way, although this should only be needed in a worst case scenario.

Before flashing via TFTP, I need to make sure that the nvram variables are set correctly to allow the boot loader to pause searching for the TFTP server for long enough. This is done by:


Once the bootloader has been configured to wait fo rthe TFTP server, we can proceed witht he standard OpenWRT TFTP flashing instructions:…

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